Drama, drama, drama

Screaming women, glasses thrown, wine drinking, partying, he said, she said…thank goodness this is not the kind of life I live. The reason why I love “reality” tv are for those aforementioned reasons. I feel like I’m all up in the business, but it’s all designed that way. So who was dating which football player? And he has a baby by who? Did you just call my man delicious?!?! A whole season of one of these shows can be centered around such topics, and I eat it up like no other. Mob Wives, Basketball Wives, Shahs of Sunset, and Real Housewives of…Everywhere. Whenever I see another one of these shows pop up, I swear to myself that I will not watch. Then I catch a glimpse, BAM! I’m hooked. My defense is that I love it because it’s not my drama. That part is true, but also because I’m a nosy beez and I wanna know the 4-1-1


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