A question to ask myself…

A article in the latest O Magazine got me thinking…the article is called ’20 Questions Every Woman Should Ask Herself’ a few stuck out to me. ‘How Do I Want To Be Remebered?’ ‘Do I say Yes Enough?’ ‘Have I Accepted My Body?’

But the one I’ll will focus on today (maybe this will become a series, the article is full of prompts) is Question number 3 ‘ Am I With The Right Person?’ I want to really examine this because I have a feeling the phrase ‘when you know, you know’ will be the theme…it’s deeper than that, but that’s a pretty succinct way of putting it. I’m assuming that we’ve all had those relationships that started off nicely. You two had fun together, the getting to know you portion of that game show was interesting, you had your arguments but got over it quickly because you were “so in love.” But after awhile, the cute things became annoying, the arguments got deeper and harder to just get over. Feelings were hurt, words were said. And you had a feeling things were not going to work out.

One person may go out more than the other, you may have seen something suspicious on the phone or on some form of social media. There goes the trust. When that’s gone…there isn’t much else is there? When you sacrifice your family, friends and your true self to make that person happy, what kind of relationship is it really? The heavy pit in your stomach that refuses to go away, that’s doubt, loss of trust, loss of respect and maybe even loss of love. So when you know, you.

How do you really know when you’re with the right person? I can only speak from my personal experience. All of those things I mentioned above were things I’ve done. I’m not proud that I would sacrifice time with my friends to stay home, but honestly, there wasn’t any trust in the relationship and that was why I never wanted to leave.

In this relationship, we spend a lot of time together but time is also made for the both of us..individually, doing our own thing. Complete trust is there on both sides.

I feel supported. I have a true partner in life, someone that lifts me up and believes in me and I do the same. There are no need for egos, they don’t fit into a relationship.

I’ve learned the it has to be an equal give and take..appreciation, respect, passion, humor and trust. My self respect is of more value than lies and disrespect. After a while, you have to raise your standards and not accept anything less.

I’m the happiest I’ve ever been. I feel like I’ve waited to do the right things in life.

I do get annoyed easily, my feelings get hurt, I cry sometimes. Instead of pushing me away or not dealing with it at all, I get hugged and kissed and told that everything is going to work out. Loving someone even in their unloveable moments, it’s so necessary.

I can walk around with a avocado mint facial mask on my face, dance around and be my dorky self, and still feel so loved. I’m not interested in being someone that I’m not. If I feel fat or like I’m looking a hot mess, he’ll say ‘Why are you so beautiful?’

With all of that said, I feel like everything is about pace and doing things in your own time. I don’t have kids and neither does he. I’ve never been married and neither has he. I look forward to the things that we choose to do in our time. I’m excited to know that the things we experience together will be the first for both of us. New. No baggage. No been there, done that.

I’m not trying to sound all mushy, but when you know, you. When you feel like the person you’re with is on your team, always rooting for you to be successful, always making you laugh and just being there when you need them, and because you want them there, you’ve got the right one.


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