It’s been a while…

To be honest,  I’ve been wanting to write,  but have had a bit of a block as to what I should write about. Then I realized that I need to write, everyday, about anything. I spent most of my summer at home, figuring out ways to better myself. Earlier in the year,  I decided to stop relaxing my hair (that is, chemically  treating my hair so it would be straight). I chopped it all off and did a lot of reading and watching videos, studying how to properly care for my naturally curly hair. Instagram hashtags  and pinterest boards are my new best friend when I comes to matters of my hair. It may not seem like a big deal to let my hair be in its natural state, but I have never had to deal with my hair like this on my own. My mother always did my hair until I started relaxing it and was able to manage it on my own. Having it this short has been great because I am learning so much about what my hair  can do, what’s good and bad for it, and so on. And then there have been those days when I think to myself “What did I do?” Nicholas had a strong reaction to it at first, but likes it. I like it but I don’t always feel beautiful with it this way, although he tells me everyday that I am.  Anyway, that’s me writing, about anything, even this hair journey of mine. I’m already feeling better, putting these words down for the world to see. Getting back into the swing of things. 


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