Natural hair must haves

wpid-2015-07-29_02-04-06.jpgI started my natural hair journey in February of 2014. After almost 20 years of relaxing it, I had to learn what my hair needed, because I honestly had no clue. I really have to give my thanks to instagram and pinterest for the pages and pages of natural hair advice. It was because of key words and hashtags like  #naturalhair #naturalhaircommunity  #naturalhairjourney, that I was able to take note of what staples I was going to need in order to make my transition from relaxed to natural a little smoother.  Because I’m impatient, I big chopped in June of 2014 and continued to cut out the relaxed strands until all that was left was my own natural, unprocessed hair. Here are the products that I really can’t do without. It’s not always all of these at once, because I am still on a budget. If I run out, sometimes I have to wait to buy more. But I make it work with what I have.



Whether, I wear it down, with a headband or up in a big ‘ol pineapple, I’m so proud that I made the decision to get back to the hair that my black and mexican heritage gave me. #teamnatural

I love coconut oil for its many, many uses. I love to melt it a bit, add to a spray bottle with other oils, water and Aloe Vera juice and spray through my hair. I also love to add it to my conditioner and use it as a deep conditioner. It is a wonderful skin moisturizer and lip balm. Not to mention it’s uses for cooking and I hear it is a good, natural deodorant (I have yet to try that one, it’ll have to be a day when I don’t need to be anywhere). I’ll you know when I try it. Okay, onto Aussie’s 3 minute miracle conditioner. I’m not even sure where to start because this stuff is so amazing. It’s around $3 and I’ve already purchased it multiple times. It smells wonderful, had great slip (by that, I mean leave it on your hair for a couple of minutes, and your finger will literally slip through your hair when you detangle in the shower) This is very beneficial because you lessen any potential damage that you would encounter if you have to tear through your hair in order to get the tangles out.

Aloe Vera juice by Fruit of the Earth, is another product that I just love for extra moisture for my hair. It is great for my scalp and promotes healthy hair growth. I’ve read that Aloe Vera juice is good for you, whether your put it in your hair or drink it. If you decide to drink it (I have, and I like it a lot), it supports healthy digestion, helps with muscle and joint pain and increases absorption of nutrients and reduces toxins. Either way you decide to introduce it into your routine, nothing but good can come from it. And at around $6 for a gallon, you can’t beat the price and it has lasted me for over a year.

Onto one of my favorite natural hair product lines around: Cantu. I am absolutely in love with the Shea butter leave-in conditioner, the coconut curling cream and the define and shine custard. All of which, I have purchased many times. The reasonable prices and sweet smell are enough to make sure that you’re always stocked up. Neither of these products are heavy so they do not weigh down the hair. A little tip: because gels are designed to be a little stronger for holding purposes, make sure that your hair is adequately moisturized before applying the gel so you get the hold without the crunchiness.  The only products that I love equally are the Shea Moisture Jamaican Black Castor leave-in conditioner and styling lotion and Eco Styled Aloe Vera gel, but I’ll save those reviews for another blog post.

I hope that any of these recommendations help you find the right products for your beautiful hair. And remember, everyone’s journey is different and growth happens at different paces. Be patient and embrace every stage your hair goes through.

Thanks for reading!



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