Magic’s in the Makeup: Urban Decay Gwen Stefani Palette

I’m going to sound like Sophia Petrillo from Golden Girls right now: Picture it, Christmas 1995: I am a 14 year old girl spending the morning with my dad drinking hot chocolate and opening gifts. CD’s weren’t really a new thing, but I was still living in the world of cassettes. One of my gifts was ‘Tragic Kingdom’ by the band No Doubt. My first CD. The band is great and the lead singer Gwen Stefani had a lot of the girls in my high school wearing red lipstick, a Bindi (a single dot worn in the center of the forehead, popular in India) and using body glitter. Goodness, remember how popular body glitter was in the 90’s?


Okay so the point of all that was to say that Gwen has been a part of my life for 20 years. Besides playing that album over and over and learning all of the lyrics, I admired her sense of style; trying different makeup looks and hair colors…things I wish I had the courage to do.

So we’ve seen her go from a young lead singer in a successful band, to venturing out on a solo career all while doing it in style.

Then I heard about her working with Urban Decay to develop her own eyeshadow palette. When it finally hit stores, it took everything in me not to buy it! Of course I wanted it, but I’m not 14 anymore, I’m 34. I was trying to be money responsible, knowing that I have Christmas shopping to do. I did make a trip to Ulta, just to look at it, it’s too pretty not to!

I couldn’t stop thinking about the UD Gwen Stefani Eyeshadow Palette though. I told Nicholas that this was on my Christmas list and I got my gift a little early. Now it’s time to play!



20151204_071036 (2)


I have to be honest, my mind automatically looks at the colors that are appropriate for work and the ones I can really have fun with. Really, all of these colors are fun, each one I can imagine complementing the other…endless possibilities.

I love that the colors are so bright and pigmented. A good eyeshadow primer is a must beforehand…Ladies, do not forget primer when using eyeshadows. Especially if you’re investing in a high end palette, it’s not worth it if the colors don’t have a good base to look and last its absolute best.

Unlike the Naked palette, this one does not come with an eyeshadow brush, but I’m not even mad at that. I have plenty and I really don’t know where they would’ve fit it in. I’m a sucker for aesthetics, the packaging itself is something to be admired. It just looks good, it’s right at home among the rest of my makeup.

I recommend this palette for its nice array of colors; from your everyday shades to the more amped up, funky, fun shades. It’s Gwen y’all! Need I say more??


Thanks for reading!

2015-11-09 13.55.50


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