Goals for the New Year

Happy 2016 to you all, I hope that the holidays were great for you and your families and that you got a chance to rest and recharge for the upcoming week. I have one more week of vacation before I get back to work.

I normally don’t make New Year’s resolutions for the simple fact that if I fall back on them, I feel bad about what I didn’t achieve. But this year, I really need to set some goals for myself, change my mindset in order to stay motivated and excited for all that things that I can accomplish. I need to step outside of my comfort zone more. It’s the things that make us uncomfortable that really show us what we are made of.  It’s not about being better in 2016, it’s about being better for the rest of my life.

We all know that our intentions to keep up with our goals are good, but I feel like in order to cross these off the list, more than intentions have to be involved. Real planning, scheduling and then actually doing the thing we set out to do. This pep talk goes out to anyone who needs it, like ME!


So here a some of my goals for this upcoming year:

  1. Get back on the fitness track. For the most part, I did pretty well in 2015. The gym was my greatest enemy, lagging big time in the latter part of 2015. I figured out that I actually liked working out in my garage with my own equipment as well. So I think with the combination of the two, I can be successful. And our new puppy Zelda, has been a source for inspiration. I need exercise and she does too. So now that the holidays are over and I can pull myself from the fog of cookies, cakes, tamales, and drinks that are packed with sugar, it’s time to get up and start moving again and prove to my fitness journal and fitbit that I’m still here; alive and well and ready to make some changes. I’m even interested in Crossfit, but I’m not trying to get ahead of myself. I can barely do 30 minutes on the elliptical without feeling winded. 
  1. Stay organized.  I mean this in a few different ways:
  • I can’t tell you how many times I go to look for something and it is nowhere to be found. “Everything has it’s place”, is what I tell myself. It’s worth the couple of extra seconds to get up and put things where they belong to save yourself how every many minutes you spend looking for them later.
  • Keeping track of appointments, tasks that need to be done…I love making lists, I love crossing off things I completed even more.
  • Keeping my car clean! It needs to be washed and vacuumed out as we speak.
  • Getting places on time. This is really one of my worst qualities. I feel like if someone is always late, then they’re either unorganized, are bad at time management, or just have no regard for other people’s time. I would hate to think that anyone thought that of me, so this is something that definitely has to change.
  • Schedule writing time. At least 30 minutes a day.
  1. Get the word out about my blog. I’m already so proud of it and appreciate the people that subscribe to it and tell me that a certain post helped them in some way. I’m learning so much about the blogging community and I love being a part of it. I should make business cards or something. 

4. Spend more time with friends.  Girls need their girls. It’s good to get out of the house and talk about whatever, laugh and just know that you’ve got a shoulder or two to lean on. It’s always so fun when we get together, I need to do that more.

5. Photography. I want to invest in a nice camera and learn more about it. I want to get out there and take more pictures.

Happy new year.png

I figured I’d better keep this list small. I want to make a conscious effort to do all of the things that I set out to do. Feel free to share some of your goals for the year in the comments. I would love to read them.

Thank you for reading!

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