Tuesday Tunes 07.05.16

Okay, I’m back on schedule this week and there’s really only one artist that’s on my mind–besides Maxwell and his new album, but that may be for another post.

Sometimes I hear music and it fills my heart and soul with so much joy that I wonder how I discovered them so late.

For this edition of Tuesday Tunes, I’m talkin’ about Blood Orange. I just heard about him last week and immediately wondered where he came from!

Dev Hynes is his real name. He’s a British artist who has caught my attention in a major way. When I first listened to his album, Freetown Sound, I heard Hip-Hop, R&B, Funk, Pop, Jazz and just enough 80’s music to make me fall head over heels for every song. All of these categories coming to mind, which makes it uncategorically brilliant.

With artists like Debbie Harry and Nelly Furtado making guest appearances (on “E.V.P.” and “Hadron Collider”, respectively), this makes for a wonderful album that does not involve any song skipping. I’m going to be checking out some of his earlier work too.

Check out this track via YouTube (I had a hard time picking one!):

Freetown Sound by Blood Orange

To buy via iTunes, click here 


Hope you all had a great Fourth of July weekend! Like always, feel free to leave comments and likes here and on any of my social medias. Your support means the world!

Thank you for reading,

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