K. Rich Fitness Journey: Cize With Me

I’ve been pondering this post for about a week now. I wasn’t sure how to go about it because it would require me to leave a place that I love so much: my comfort zone.

A couple of months back, I was watching TV and came across an infomercial about a series of new fitness videos called Cize by Shaun T. Now, I’m not usually intrigued by people selling things on TV, I don’t need the sharpest knives in the land that can cut through a steel pipe, or the car wax that seems to work miracles on even the dullest of finishes..maybe I need the Spiralizer though. I really want to make zucchini noodles! Yeah, I still need that. Okay, besides that, I also felt like the Cize workouts were something that I could really get into.

The idea behind it is making exercise fun, while really getting the workout that you need. I’ve had workout videos before, but while those are collecting dust, and my gym memebership is on hold, I’ve been out in my garage trying to perfect my dance moves and burn some calories (between 250-300)  with these fun routines. The first video I tried is called ‘Crazy 8’s.’ I was nervous about getting the routines down because although I see myself as a person with some rhythm, I’m not always the most coordinated. I did fumble and stumble at first, but I did the same one for 2 weeks before moving on to the next one.

Shaun T. is such a motivating instructor! Even though you know that he’s not specifically talking to you, you feel his inspiring words really having an impact. Everyone needs a cheerleader sometimes. Nicholas cheers me on too. Putting a water bottle in the freezer for me when he knows I’m going to workout and telling me he’s proud of me, those things mean the world.

As soon as I started, I joined a group on Facebook, called Confident in my Cize. I love that there are people that are all doing the same thing as me, and I can look to them for motivation. Some people say that they see inches coming off faster than pounds and that’s fine with me. Non-scale victories are just as important.

Like any workout program, you have to do it to see results, and those results will not happen overnight.  But if small changes give you enough energy to do more than you did yesterday, eat better than you did yesterday and think better than you did yesterday; then you’re on the right track.

I haven’t lost any weight since I started but I don’t want to look to the scale to validate my progress.  I’m now doing the video called ‘In the Pocket’ it’s harder than the first one, but still fun. Today will be the second time I do it, I won’t move on to the next until I feel comfortable with the routine.

Okay, so getting back to that “comfort zone” I spoke of earlier. Another thing I saw was people posting videos of their Cize routines. I’m a little camera shy and didn’t think that recording myself was something that I’d ever do. But when I watch Cizer’s post their videos, I get inspired. I figured what’s the worst that could happen? Someone might say something about how much I weigh, or maybe I’m not doing the moves EXACTLY the way they’re doing them in the video? But you know what? I’m out there moving and trying to better myself more now than I ever was a month ago.

Life beginsAT THE ENDof yourCOMFORT ZONE


I might even inspire someone out there who is looking for motivation just like I was and still am!
So I’ve decided to share this video of me doing the ‘Crazy 8s’ routine, in my hot garage. I’m not going to think about how I look or if the moves are spot on. I just want to live outside of that famous comfort zone everyone keeps talking about.

I went ahead and created a YouTube channel, something I never thought I’d do. I rarely record myself because 1) I don’t like the sound of my voice and 2) I’m don’t want to look silly. But today, and hopefully for times in the future, I’m going to put those insecurities aside and upload the video. Subscribe to channel if you like (even though there is only one video) feedback is welcome.


As always..

Thank you for reading/watching,

2015-11-09 13.55.50





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