Proud New Member of #TeamBonnieLove

I’m so late to the bonnet game, I have to admit. It’s been two and half years since I did the big chop on my hair and if you’ve read any of my previous posts, you know that I’ve taken to the internet to find out which methods of care would be best for me. I’ve had a satin pillow case for a while now, to maintain the moisture in my hair because I read that cotton ones tend to pull moisture out like a paper towel and therefore leaving hair too dry.

Through Instagram, I’ve seen a rise in the amount of people, especially my fellow naturalistas, wearing bonnets to protect their hair while they sleep and to get the most out of those weekly or monthly deep conditioning treatments.

On Monday, I received my first bonnet from BonnieLove Boutique. Based in Greenville, North Carolina, this company specializes in making both oversized and non-oversized bonnets, kids bonnets, shower caps, scarves and satin pillowcases; all products dedicated to protecting the health of our hair.

I received the ‘Mazie’ Oversized Satin Bonnet and I love it! It’s a beautiful mauve and pink color and the perfect size to ensure comfort as I slept.

Knowing that I had to wake up early to attend training for work, I decided to wash and condition my hair, finger detangle and then apply the products that I use for a wash and go. After that was done, I put on the bonnet and went to bed. I did this in hopes that it would be a time saver in the morning, and I sure was right!

File_001 (5)

Beautiful ‘Mazie’


File_000 (14)

Inside of the bonnet


When I woke up, I left it on, washed my face, brushed my teeth and did my makeup. I didn’t remove the bonnet until I was ready to get dressed. When I did remove it, I just sprayed my hair with a bit of water and aloe vera juice, fluffed it up, got dressed and I was out the door.


File_004 (2)

So comfy in my BonnieLove Bonnet

Another use for this beautiful bonnet is for deep conditioning. I think when I use it for that, I will apply the conditioner, put on a shower cap and then the bonnet on top to retain heat and make for a more efficient conditioning treatment.

Caring for the bonnet is easy, just hand wash and hang to dry.

I will definitely try the other products from BonnieLove Boutique, they have a beautiful selection and the customer service is wonderful.  Miki B. @blb_bonnieloveboutique is great at answering any questions that you may have.



Thank you so much for reading and be sure and check out the BonnieLove Boutique website and order your bonnet!




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