Steppin up my bonnet game with Dobonnet

For every good wash and go or perm rod set that I do, nothing feels better than coming home after a long day and getting my hair out of my face and relaxing. But before I can get into that, let’s start off by talking about the amount of ratty old bandanas that I have in my posession, they are not cute, but I wear them anyway. I wear them when I wash my face, when I’m cooking and when I sleep.

Bottom line, if I’m home, my hair needs to not be touching my face. As I type this, I realize how OCD this sounds.

That’s why I’m so excited to have recently come across Dobonnet on Instagram @dobonnets . They have stylish silk bonnets that fit my needs and keep me lookin cute (that’s always a nice bonus).  The company was nice enough to send me the beautiful ‘Regal in Crimson’, and I love it! I can prolong my hairstyles for a few days with this bonnet, which is a great timesaver and better for the health of my hair.


File_000 (15)

Stylish way to preserve my hairstyles and keep my hair out of my face 

To wash, throw in with like colors and let air dry. And to keep the bonnet looking great, it is reccomended that you use a plastic shower cap underneath if your hair has a lot of oil in it or when you are deep conditioning; those products can seep through the silk.

File_002 (3)

Side view of the ‘Regal in Crimson’

I’m so glad that I am able to get rid of those old bandanas. Now I can protect my hair in style.

Visit the Dobonnet website at and get your beautiful bonnet! I need the other three that they have in their selection because they are stunning, I’ll definitely be ordering soon.


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