Music is Magic 09.17.16

Happy Saturday to you all. I find myself being more inclined to write when I can take my time and don’t have to rush to be anywhere for a while. I haven’t had any coffee yet, but I did make myself a cup of green tea with honey and a little apple cider vinegar. I may still need so coffee in a bit, but my tea concoction is a good detox that I like to drink every now and then.

Anyway, I’m drinking this and listening to some music. I have a couple of favorites of the week. First up is Questlove’s new radio show Questlove Supreme on Pandora.  I used to be a total Pandora devotee but other apps like Spotify caught my attention and I hadn’t had it on my phone for a long time. Then I heard that Questlove was going to be doing this show every Wednesday on Pandora and that was all I needed to know to download the app again.

Besides being the drummer in one of my favorites bands, The Roots, which is also the house band for one of my favorite late night talk show (The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon), Questlove is an author, music aficionado…with special emphasis on Prince. Let’s just say I love him and learn a lot about music every time I hear him speak.

I haven’t been disappointed in these first two installments of Questlove Supreme.  I make sure that I’m taking notes some of the rare songs that he plays, or just ones that I had forgotten about and now need to have. I look forward to Wednesdays, because of this show.  To give it a listen, click the link below:


Next, I found about a singer named NAO and to quote iTunes’ description of this amazing artist, “Carefree and oozing confidence, NAO puts a funky spin on electro-soul and R&B.” I’ve been listening to her album For All We Know for the past few days and start-to-finish, this is one that you’ll want to give a listen.

Not sure I can pick a favorite, but below is the song that made me want to get the whole album:  (Disclaimer: this video for Bad Blood,  contains nudity so if you’d prefer not to see it, click here if you’d like to purchase the album or any of its songs via iTunes).

Thanks so much for reading, and be sure to let me know if you check out any of my recommendations #musicismagic




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