Music is Magic

Hey all! I’m just popping in today to share some music I’ve been vibin’ to.  Music makes everything better, especially on a Monday. I know I haven’t done a Music is Magic installment in a while, so I thought “why not”. Lately, I found myself complaining about the music that is being played on the radio these days..sounding just like my parents did when I was a teenager.

But for reals, I can’t understand most of the words on the new stuff out there (with exceptions for Bruno Mars, Miguel Beyonce, Drake, and a few others). AND if you do catch me dancing to a Fetty Wap song, please believe that this is only because I like the beat, but don’t expect me to sing along. I knew that there had to be something better, so I started searching. Early in my search, I came across Anderson .Paak, Thundercat, The Internet (and it’s solo artists, Syd and Steve Lacy), Kehlani, Sampha, The 1975 and a lot more; all of which have been on constant rotation. I wanted new, original and fresh. And if it’s gets overplayed, then that means that I overplayed it.

Please check out all of those artists that I just mentioned, as well as the one I’m spotlighting today. I heard one song by Oddisee and I was hooked. He’s not neccessarily new, but he’s new to me. His latest project is called ‘The Iceberg’ and not only do you come away with feeling like this is something unlike anything you’ve ever heard before, you also feel like it takes you back to another time. For an example of what I mean, take a listen “Rights & Wrongs (Ft. Olivier St. Louis) I’m getting major Sly Stone vibes from this one. Take a listen below, and to purchase the album from iTunes click here:



Thank you for reading! Have a great week.














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