Music is Magic: Hiatus Kaiyote

Hey everyone! As usual, my Spring Break from work has gone by entirely too fast. I do feel like I got a lot done on the majority of my days off, including a lot of writing and looking for new music to love.

One band that quickly jumped on my radar is, Hiatus Kaiyote. Described by Wikipedia as, “a future-soul quartet” from Melbourne, Australia. The first song I heard by them is called ‘Molasses’ from their second album Choose Your Weapon. From the first note, I immediately recognized it from another song but couldn’t place it right away. Then click! I remembered that I heard lead singers Nai Saafield’s beautiful voice on Anderson .Paak’s ‘Without You,’ where he sampled the song.

From there is was a full on exploration of their work…past and present. Their debut album Tawk Tomahawk, is where I’m getting today’s Music is Magic selection. The single ‘Nakamarra’, nominated for a Grammy (Best R&B Performance), is a fresh blend of R&B, soul and jazz. It’s the perfect music for either a drive to the beach or one of those beautiful days when you can open all the windows in your home, blast the music and let the cool breeze in. The latter is exactly what I did this week.

Below is the video for ‘Nakamarra’:

If you’d like to purchase the song, click here

Hope this Monday was good to you. I’m back to work tomorrow (I will not hit the snooze button! I will not hit the snooze button!).

Have a great week, everyone!

Thank you for reading,





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