Music is Magic: Toro y Moi

Hello everyone! Hope all is going well for you today. I just thought that I’d pop in with a quick installment of Music is Magic. Today I’m talking about Toro y Moi. I’m slightly new to him, but have been stuck on his last album called ‘What For?’ for some time now.

Last week, Toro y Moi aka Chaz Bundick and even more recently known as Chaz Bear released a new album (his 5th studio album) called ‘Boo Boo’ and it has been on repeat ever since and even caused me to dig into his earlier work.  Described as chillwave or synth-pop, with kicks of R&B grooves, Toro y Moi’s music, is that type of music you can just put on and relax to, or maybe even get the creative juices flowing; hence, me feeling inspired to write this morning.

So if you need a little musical motivation or inspiration and crave good new music like I do, give this album a listen. The opening track ‘Mirage’ is one of my favorites, check it out below. And if you’d like to purchase the album via iTunes, click here.


Thanks so much for reading,



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