5 Favorite Summer Hairstyles

The weather is hot here in California. Most times I’m walking around here with my hair thrown up and pulled back with a scarf on. Not glamorous…still kinda cute, just not very fancy. With the rising temps and my growing hair, I’ve been trying to add a little variety to the way that I style it.

Although I take photos with all of my hair down, that’s not usually how I wear it out right now because like I said, it’s hot and I don’t really like my hair in my face.

So for any fellow naturalistas that are looking for some quick and easy styles, here are the top 5 that I’ve been rockin’ lately.

Please feel free to share some of your faves here or on any of my social media pages, I’d love to see them, and maybe get some more hairstyle ideas.


IMG_6790 (1)

Can’t go wrong with a side pony


Half up/half down..simple and oh so 80s


It got too long for a pineapple..more Sideshow Bob than anything else. This faux bun is a nice alternative. I pull it up like I would for a ponytail, just don’t pull it all the way through the hair tie.



Top knot…yaasss!


My go-to as of late…the side braid.

It has been quite the journey since I first cut my hair 3 years ago. I’m glad to have more style options these days.

Have a great day, everyone! And thanks so much for reading.



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